It is hard to believe that it is already time to begin our statewide assessments, SC READY and SCPASS. SC READY includes tests in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics and is administered to students in grades 3-8.   SCPASS includes science and social studies tests and is administered to students in grades 4-8.  Beginning this spring, SC READY and SCPASS will be online with the exception of grades 3-5 in the area of ELA.  All of our students in grades 3-7 will complete the SC READY TDA Online Field Test.   We feel that the Online Field Test will help to prepare our students for online testing this year.

Please help your child do his or her best by making sure that your child gets plenty of rest the night before testing, eats a healthy breakfast, and arrives to school on time.  If your child plans to eat breakfast at school, he or she should be here no later than 7:45.  It is important for your child to be at school on testing days.  However, if your child is truly sick, please keep them at home.  Please do not schedule any unnecessary appointments on testing dates.  Students may not be in possession of any electronic devices during testing.  Students should leave these items at home during testing.    

We want for all of our students to do their best and feel confident about testing.  The attached flyers provide additional information on both statewide assessments.  We appreciate your help and support.

State Testing Schedules

Field Test Items

April 7 – 3rd&4th

April 10 – 5th

April 11 – 6th&7th


April 26 – ELA Session 1 – Grades 3-5 (paper/pencil) Grades 6-7 (online)

April 27 – ELA Session 2 – Grades 3-5 (paper/pencil) Grades 6-7 (online)

May 2 – Mathematics – 3rd grade (online)

May 3 – Mathematics – 4th&5th (online)

May 4 – Mathematics – 6th and 7th (online)


May 9 – Science – 4th&5th (online)

May 10 – Science – 6th&7th (online)

May 11 – Social Studies – 4th&5th (online)

May 12 – Social Studies – 6th&7th (online)