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J.S. Wright Middle School

Parent Involvement Plan

J.S. Wright Middle believes positive parental involvement is essential in guiding the social, emotional, and academic growth of students. Our mission as educators and staff at J. S. Wright is to promote student learning by challenging and guiding students towards a successful transition to a higher level of learning in a safe and caring environment.

J.S. Wright Middle will hold a fall Parent Information Night. At this meeting, the principal and staff will inform the parents of the school’s participation in Title I, explain the requirements of Title I, and explain the right of parents to be involved in the school.

Parents will be notified of their rights to know the qualifications of their child’s teacher and if that teacher is highly qualified. If a substitute teacher is in the classroom for four consecutive weeks and is not highly qualified, a notification letter will be sent home to parents of those children.

Title 1 families will also be informed of the school’s participation in the Title 1 Program at family literacy and math events and at parent/teacher conferences. During these events and conferences, parents will be encouraged to participate in decisions concerning the education of their child. Parents will also be provided progress that their child has made and information on how they can work to improve their child’s achievement.

School family events are planned throughout the year in order to create opportunities for parents to learn about technology communication resources (remind, parent portal, school website, etc.).

J. S. Wright Middle will administer a Parent Needs/Evaluation survey in the spring seeking input about the effectiveness of the overall Title 1 program and Parental Involvement Plan.

J.S. Wright Middle will ensure parents receive timely information about programs, curriculum, assessment, content standards and achievement expectations in the following formats:

  • School Calendar
  • Newsletters
  • School/Teacher Website
  • Conferences
  • Phone Calls
  • Parent Events

J.S. Wright Middle will coordinate parent involvement programs/activities/conferences at a variety of times to maximize opportunities for parents to participate and will ensure that information sent home is in parent-friendly language that can be easily understood.

J.S. Wright Middle will jointly develop a parent-school-student compact. The compact will outline how parents, school staff, and the students will share the responsibility for improved student achievement. It will also provide means by which the school and parents will build a partnership to help students achieve the state’s high academic standards.

J.S. Wright Middle gives parents reasonable access to staff, opportunities to volunteer, participate, and observe in their child’s class. At any time, parents may request a meeting with teachers and/or staff to make suggestions and assist in the decisions affecting their child’s education.

The Parent Involvement Plan was developed by J.S. Wright Middle and will be in effect for the period of the 2019-2020 school year. The school will distribute this Parent Involvement Plan to all parents of participating Title I children and make it available to the community on or before September 15, 2019.

These people were involved with the development of this document:

Cecily Ferguson: Art Teacher/ Testing Coordinator

Shannon Temple: Title I Interventionist Teacher

Neddra Banks: Parent

Brenda Jackson: Principal

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