DHES students participated in an Egg Drop Challenge! Students and their families worked together to design a device that would withstand a drop from the top of the fire ladder.
2 months ago, Wendy Hanna
Egg Drop Challenge
3rd graders in Mrs. Mann's class have been learning about conductors, insulators, and how energy moves through closed circuits. Students built closed circuits to make bulbs light, radios play, and toys work. These students used integrated math and science engineering practices as they followed grid maps to create these circuits.
2 months ago, Wendy Hanna
3rd Grade scientist work with insulators and conductos!rs
7th Grade students in Mr. Lollis' class extract DNA from strawberries.
3 months ago, Wendy Hanna
Extracting DNA from strawberries!
7th Graders in Mr. Lollis' class dissect pigs!
3 months ago, Wendy Hanna
7th graders in Mr. Lollis' class dissect pigs.
DHE celebrates World Read Aloud Day! Students in Mrs. Price’s first grade class enjoyed hearing children’s book author, Whitney McDuff, read her book, The Lollie Tree. The video was recorded just for Diamond Hill students.
4 months ago, Todd Ramey
Mrs. Price's class celebrates World Read Aloud Day!
DHES Beta Club sponsored a Thanksgiving food drive to support UCMAC. There was a total of 607 items that were donated! First grade won the competition by bringing in a total of 220 cans of cranberry sauce! Way to go Diamond Hill Students!
7 months ago, Todd Ramey
Congratulations to 1st grade for donating the most food!  They were rewarded with a class pizza party.